The Chicks With Sass have Two of the Cheapest Phone Sex Numbers

Besides being cheap and affordable, phone sex is also supposed to be LIVE. That means that when a person calls any one of the two, a real person will talk to him about any of the fantasies he may want to explore.  There are ads for cheap phone sex numbers all over the place but the truth is that in the majority of these cases, what these numbers offer is simply an automated voice system where a caller navigates through a series of pre recorded messages which may, or may not contain any “intimate” messaging.


Rightly, callers are concerned about costing and this is why a visit to is really all you need in order to find out how $1.99 per minute represents the best deal around, IF you want to speak to a live person. At this affordable you get the real “deal” and you don’t have to pay any additional fees, hidden or otherwise, as is the case in lots of other offers.  $1.99 per minute is what you see is what you get type of offer, and considering that the ladies have been giving their callers the time of their life for over a decade now, it’s no wonder this website is so popular.

You have to be over 21 to call, use your own credit card and other than that, there is nothing else required of you other than your willingness to sit down, and prepare yourself for a uniquely satisfying experience.



Cheap Phone Sex With The Chicks With Sass

Everybody does, and everybody knows… That we all do it… Masturbate.

It’s a word that is best used when it is whispered, like the soft evening wind shuffling the tree leafs, you know it’s there because of the sounds the leafs make, soft, powerful, whispered like the breaths we take… gasping for air… over and over again… until we’re there.

That’s the power of sex which drives men and women to masturbate, even when we are in relationships. For women, masturbation is a private affair. It’s a moment of self contemplation when we please ourselves, without having to please others first. Men on the other side often do it alone as well, (isn’t being alone the essence of masturbation?) but they don’t mind doing it on the phone.

Take the website for example.  It specialized in mutual masturbation and is hugely popular with men.  Why? There is something uniquely satisfying in talking about fantasies with strangers, particularly when the talk becomes … sexual … which in turns encourages … masturbation.


As a woman who answers the phones for I can tell you that the thought of hearing men surrendering themselves completely to the sound of my voice is something hugely erotic.

Women are like that though.  They love to please, it is the nature of who we are as moms, wives, girlfriends… To nurture, cajole and please others is a feature of our selves, and that includes sexually pleasing our partners.

When it comes to sex, women often times are quite content… not to come… so long as their male partners do…

Luckily, the world we live in is changing all that, and more and more women are demanding to receive in return what they so gladly give to others.

None more so than the chicks with sass…

The Chicks With Sass – Phone Sex the way it’s supposed to be

For a lot of single men out there, phone sex represents the easiest, cheapest and also safest way to have intimacy with another person.  Men and women, married to each other also use phone sex, particularly when one is away in order to keep the flame burning, but single men, and quite a number of married men use sex when they need company and why not?

Calling makes perfect sense because callers get to choose between some of the very best and cheapest phone sex there is.  If you want to know why it is the best, have a look at web page and see how the chicks with sass company with other services.

We live in a world of sensory overload in which sex is used to attract our attention in just about every aspect of our life.  Watch any television show these days, and if there isn’t one mention of some type of sexual activity per episode, then you’re not really watching.


Sex is everywhere. As a result, more people use porn sites than ever before as a means to drum up some excitement into their romantic lives and when I say more people, I mean men and women of course.

Ask any woman if she has a least one sex toy at home, and you’ll always get the same answers.  Either she’ll giggle because she’d be too embarrassed to admit out loud that she does, if she is honest and doesn’t think owning a dildo nowadays is such a big deal, she’ll tell you straight away that yes, she does. And why not. It’s a sexy world out there. For men, in many cases, phone sex is the sex toy of choice, whilst women may prefer to rely on their trusted dildo friends.  It’s a matter of choice, don’t you think?